Friday, May 27, 2011

Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden's Killing and the hide and seek play of USA & Pak

On the basis of what is reported in the media about the killing operation of Osama, we cannot conclude that Pakistan is cornered. In such sensitive matters there will always be some factors not made known to the outside world.

Both for USA and the Pakistan there are domestic compulsions to be taken into consideration. For the USA the Presidential election is coming in the next year. So it is a crucial point to score a point for Obama over his possible opponents both in his party and the opposition party. Besides, Osama is the declared enemy No 1 of USA and if Pakistan was to have supported Osama, the operation would have been in a different way. At the same time he may have to protect the Pakistani interest also. Therefor it is quite possible that he is projecting only part of the facts. Pakisthan is one of US allies since over 60 years. So US cannot dump Pakistan into lurch. The full truth may be known only to 3 - 4 persons as such an operation has to be done in a quiet manner. If any such matter is to be done in a public domain, nothing could be done.

As to Pakistan, Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda are both a helping hand and a liability. Since Pakistan is fundamentalist Muslim Country trying to project as a champion of Muslim countries, they cannot appear to be against the Osama. At the same time they also know that Osama is the number one enemy of the USA and giving protection to Osama will put them against USA. Pakisthan is surviving only on the strength of the lavish aids being received from USA. Pakisthan also know that it is no match against America. Hence they will not take a stand of antagonizing USA by supporting Osama. Would it have been possible for USA to strike without anybody in Pakisthan being aware in such a strategic spot like the military base and within such close proximity to the Capital of the country?

Under the above circumstances both the USA and the Pakisthan are just leaving the world to discuss and conclude in any way they want. Only time will tell some more facts of the case. The full truth may not be known at any time.

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