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Hearty Welcome to Arangotukara - Ezhumangad

This is a web site created to give information/news /events/messages between persons of the twin village of Arangotukara (Arangode)-Ezhumangad. It is for all of those who are interested to become part of this from the village. They may be in the village itself or at other places in India or in foreign countries.

The Village of Arangode-Ezhumangad

'Arangotukara' is a village in Thrissur district, Kerala state, India. But in reality the village 'Arangotukara' is a twin village consisting of two portions. One portion is known as Arangotukara (also as Arangode and Kizhkkumuri) which is in Thrissur District and the other portion is known as Ezhumangad (also as Padinhjattum muri). The infrastructures are divided between the two portions. These two portions are divided by a sub Road of the village running from a hill with the Desamangalam Rubber Estate in the North to the end of Arangotukara in the South. Right side of the road that is the East side is Arangotukara and the left is Ezhumangad. The main road of the area is a State Road connecting Shornur (a railway junction), Ottapalam (Thaluk head quarters), Palakkad town (District head quarters)and Thrissur (District headquarters) on one end to Kunnamkulam and Guruvayur on the other.

The Ezhumangad portion is under the Thirumittakode Panchayath, Ottapalam Thaluk under Palakkad District of Kerala State in India. This portion is having the Aided Upper Primary School of the village. This school is about 90 years old, founded by the late A R Krishna Iyer of Chakkali Madam. It is one of the best upper primary schools of Palakkad and Thrissur Districts. The Ezhumangad portion is having the Main shopping center of the twin villages. Ezhumangad (Padinhgattumuri) is having the Ezhumangad Mahadeva Kshethra (temple) and the Mullakkal Durga Devi temple. The Mahadeva temple is one of the oldest temples in the area. Sivarathri (night of Lord Siva) is the main festival of this temple. The Mullakkal temple is having the annual festival of 'Thalappoli' (a procession of ladies with traditional dresses carrying a plate with a lighted oil lamp with the accompaniment of Panchavadyam (an orchestra producing rhythmic sound)and Thayampaka ( a long drum played to produce rhythmic sound) an Oracle (Velichappadu - a male with long hair dressed with auspicious red color dress carrying a sword in right hand and chilambu - a brass hollow oval shaped ring with small balls inside which makes sounds when the balls move and the population of the village. The procession will follow the decorated elephants numbering about 1 5 to 30 depending on the availability). This procession starts from the Main temple of the Village in the Arangotukara portion known as Karthyayani Devi Temple to the Mullakkal Devi Temple. This portion of the village is having a library established in the year 1943 known as the Vidya Poshani (enhancing knowledge) Public Library with a reading room. This library got the award of the best library of the Palakkad District recently.

The Arangotukara portion of the Village is in Desamangalam Panchayath, Thalappilli Thaluk, Thrissur District, and Kerala State in India. The post office is in the Arangotukara portion. This portion is having one of the oldest rubber estates known as the Desamangalam Rubber Estate, Arangotukara. This portion also has the Karthyayani Temple near the South side and another temple known as the Thrikovil Ambalam (Sacred temple) to the North. The Karthyayani Devi Temple is dedicated to the goddess Durga with 2 festivals annually. One is the Dussarah festival lasting for 10 days during the period of Sept – October. The other one is Karthika deepam festival of one day. The Thrikovil Ambalam is dedicated to Narasimha Swamy (god with the head of a lion and body of a man) one of the incarnations of Lord Maha Vishnu. This temple pond (tank) known as the Thrikkai Kulam (sacred palm pond) is of about 2 acres in area. The legend is that this tank was made by the pressing of the palm of Sage (maharishi) Agasthyan or Ashtavakran.
The first top most executive of Press Trust of India (P T I)in independent India was the late Sri A S Bharathan who was from this village. His son, Raju Bharathan was a famous cricket commentator in the Illustrated Weekly of India (a Times of India news group). The P T I was a British owned news agency. The same was nationalized later.

This twin village of Arangode-Ezhumangad was very important village center for many villages around this place. People from these surrounding used to come here for their main provisions and clothing. The main road was an important road connecting various parts of Palakkad and Thrissur districts. Buses from Palakkad/ Coimbatore to Guruvayur were going through this Road. With the conveyance facility improvements and people of other villages also setting up trades in their villages, the commercial importance of this place was reduced.

This village used to have a Saturday Bazaar (sani aazcha chantha) in the compound next to the school on the left side. This was owned by late Kutti Kunjan Nair. People from near and far away villages used to bring their merchandise of vegetables, fruits, pulses, animals, household items etc for sale in the chantha.
However, after the election of EMS Namboothiripad, the 1st Communist and chief minister of India and 1st non Congress Chief Minister of Kerala, from Pattambi Constitution, he got a bridge built across the Bharatha Puzha. After this all major vehicular traffic was diverted via Pattambi and the number of vehicle plying through this place was reduced considerably.

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