Sunday, December 25, 2011

The price rise a major concern

The price rise is a major concern for all.

However, the effect of the same is mainly confined to the lower and upper middle class.

The rich class do not have problem of the price rise as they pass on the burden to the market as they are mostly in business or trade. The poor class's main need is food. They get the main food items like the pulses at a very cheap rate of Rs 2/- or even free in some states. The balance amount of their income is available of  their daily necessitates. Their necessities are also limited. Any way if the prices are stabilized, this group can improve their living standard.

If we observe over a period of 2 - 3 years we can observe that the prices rise on the once hand and on the other we find that the farmers in trouble of not getting enough support prices for their produce. This anomaly is because of the middlemen hording the commodities and release the same in such a way that they can make huge profits. This profit is accumulated as black money and is ploughed back into the market to further horde the commodities. It is a vicious circle.

Who is to regulate the supply and demand? The Government of course. They are not in a position as they have to do things in such a way to get elected the next time. They have to adopt a strategy to retain, if not increase the vote base, and to counter the opposition's strategy. In between this there is the position of dependence on regional parties for support as no single party gets majority. This dependence make it difficult for the major parties to take any firm steps.

Even the public organizations like the anti corruption movement of Anna Hazare is only a fooling program of the public. The real issue is a corruption free Governance. Is it possible by having one more institution like the Lok pal to eliminate the corruption? Corruption is a mental attitude of each person and this becomes the collective as far as the nation is concerned. The Lok pal or any other new institution will be like the existing institutions like the C A G, C V C, C B I, Enforcement Directorate etc. Immediately for a few months it may be effective. After that this also will be like its predecessors. Then another Hazare has to come and fool the public to contain their resentment.

What is really required is correction of the mental attitude. What is the way for the change?

One way is for the spiritual organizations to co-ordinate with each other and have a common program to arise the attitude of followers. Since around 95% of the spiritual institutions suffer from the same attitudinal deficiency, they cannot do any service to the nation.

The other way is the communist method. This method in theory, is to produce for the nation and distribute according to need. This method is most impractical as it involves a dictatorial way of enforcement. No human being wants to be dictated. If dictation was tried, it may succeed for a very short time but it will be overthrown at the earliest available opportunity. We have the examples of USSR, East European countries and China. In China it is still prevalent in a truncated form.

The what is the remedy? The remedy lies in each of us. We should go for self development. We should, individually stick to the principles and try to persuade by discussions with our family members, neighbors and friends so that it become a different type of mass movement. Once we do this irrespective of what happens around us, this movement will become strong as majority of the people of the population is good. Once the majority become effectively good, the persons standing elections will be good and the government elected will be good and the governance will be good and the condition in the country will be good. To me this is the only way out.

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